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At Just Imagine, we design and write websites that work for our clients. But we don't just design websites. We write website content, we also manage and maintain websites after launch, we arrange web hosting and we provide Internet marketing services. And we've been doing this in the Charleston, SC area since 1996.

Our Clients

Over the years we've worked on just about every kind of website project imaginable. Today, however, we focus our efforts on small companies:

  • Start up businesses – both traditional and web-based.
  • eTailers – again, some with actual retail outlets, some without.
  • Professional firms – doctors, vets, lawyers, engineers, real estate professionals, etc.
  • Service providers – consulting, health care, contractors, travel, personal services, etc.
  • Non-profit organizations – environmental, community and health-related.
  • eBusinesses – highly interactive projects requiring custom programming.

Though we're based in Mount Pleasant, SC, we have no geographic constraints. About half of our clients are in coastal South Carolina (specifically the Charleston area), while the other half are scattered around North America – Canada to Mexico, New England to California. The one thing our clients do have in common is a need to make their website a significant “new business” (lead/sales) generator.

Our Approach to the Website Development Business

We have a very transparent approach to the web business and a passion for building websites and writing content that will appeal to web visitors. By transparent we mean direct and plain-spoken. We won't try to dazzle you with tech terms or marketing mumbo-jumbo. We'll quote you a price and explain how we arrived at it. We'll always give you options and ways for you to control costs. And, we'll remind you to save some money for marketing your website.

Why You Should Care

  1. Trust – we've been designing and developing websites and satisfying clients for a long time and we have the client relationships to prove it.
  2. Experience – not only have we been in this business about as long as the Internet has been available to the general public, but we've got another couple of decades of marketing and consulting behind that.
  3. Price – we don't have the overhead of some of our competitors and you'll see that difference in our quote.
  4. Full Service - we design websites, write content, manage websites and market websites, you need look no further.

Get a Free Quote

There's no cost to hear what we have to say. While we can't guarantee you the lowest price, we can promise that we'll tell you what we think, which, if nothing else, will prepare you to deal with our competitors. Contact us today.

Website Pricing

Our approach to pricing is simple.

  • Website Design – we ask you to give us examples of websites you like and what your content structure will look like (we'll help you with this). For a small website with limited functionality our price is going to be between $500 and $1,000 ...
  • Mobile Website Design - in today's world it's not enough to have a plain old website. Now you need a site that can be viewed on a variety of hardware. Not only that, but you need a site that is optimized for cell phones. We can take an existing website and for as little as $250 reformat it to become "thumb friendly" for those accessing it with a mobile phone or small tablet...
  • Website Content Writing – with your help we'll determine a page list and figure out what the source of the content will be (your notes, online research, etc.). For a small website, say 5 pages, with you providing notes or bullet points, figure $250 ...
  • Website Hosting – size doesn't really matter here. More important is functionality. For instance, do you want to make content changes yourself? Do you need a shopping cart, etc.? Hosting starts at $120 a year... read more about website hosting costs...

Website Management

Sites are meant to change and evolve. It's not a brochure, designed to last without modification for years. Unfortunately, to keep your web site current, you either need a reliable vendor or a good content management system.

Internet Marketing

Anyone who's had a website for any length of time knows how difficult and time consuming it is to generate qualified traffic. So, make sure you have enough money left in the budget, after building your site, to conduct a search engine optimization or click-through advertising program.

Website Design

Form follows function. That is to say, a good web design reinforces the content and makes it easy for visitors and search engines alike to get to the information they seek.

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