About Just Imagine

about Just Imagine

There are no shortage of web design firms, even in Charleston, SC. So what makes Just Imagine special? Three things: web experience, professional experience and life experience.

Web Development Experience

The principals of Just Imagine have been building, managing, marketing and writing websites since 1997. We have developed ground-up database-driven sites for big companies. We have written web content for start-ups. We've marketed industrial sites and managed real estate sites. If fact, you'd be hard pressed to find a type of project we haven't had a hand in over the years.

Pre-Web Professional Experience

We are, by profession, storytellers. One of us is a published novelist, advertising copywriter and serial entrepreneur. The other is an award-winning video producer and web publisher. We are experienced at telling our clients' stories and at getting people to pay attention.

Life Experience

What does life experience have to do with it, you ask? Simple. We've been around the block, literally and figuratively, quite a few times. We speak English (and a little Spanish) to our clients, not techno-speak. We've lived and worked in many places doing many different kinds of jobs. In short, we can see the world from your perspective and explain clearly and concisely how we can make it better (at least when it comes to your website).

In Summary

Just Imagine is a one-stop-shop of web services for the small business owner. This means both our pricing and our communication style is geared to the little guy. Whether you need a new website, a redesign, or you just need a webmaster for hire who can just make some quick changes and give you a sense of direction, Just Imagine is that firm. Our objective is to provide you with timely, reliable, high quality service at affordable rates.

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