Web Design FAQs

Do I need to have my website redesigned in order to work with Just Imagine?

Not unless redesign is called for. We try to make dealing with us as simple and cost-effective as possible. If your site avoids the following "fatal" flaws redesign is probably not necessary:

  • Navigation done in Flash.
  • The website uses frames, especially on the home page and other top level pages.
  • The design relies heavily on devices that distract from the content (i.e. animation, heavy Flash).

Should I enhance the functionality of my website? If so, how?

Website functionality can refer to either the "front end" or "back end" of your site. The front end is the part your visitor sees. Front end functionality might include anything from a shopping cart to a formmail. Enhancing front end functionality really depends on your site's objectives. Obviously, if you're selling something online you need functionality to handle that. If you're collecting email addresses for a newsletter or marketing information for future campaigns, you have a couple of ways to go. Learn more about website functionality.

What is a “search engine-friendly” website?

One that pays attention to the communal needs of search engine spiders and website visitors. That's one of the great beauties of the medium: search engines and visitors are essentially looking for the same things. They want headlines with meaning, textual content that's deep and layered, lots of easy to follow links to different content areas of the site and regular content updates.

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