Website Management FAQs

Can I manage my website myself?

Yes, if you have good HTML skills and an understanding of website file structure, or if you have a good Content Management System (CMS). A CMS allows people who do not know HTML to make changes and additions to a website. Just Imagine offers its clients CMS options in situations where content is "hyper timely."

In our experience, most website owners do not have the time or the interest to do an effective job of website management. If you're serious about succeeding, this activity is very labor intensive and relatively specialized. On the other hand, as good as we are, we can't do a better job that an owner who has the necessary skills and is willing to devote the time to this task. Reason: your passion. That is hard to duplicate.

Does the fact that you are located in Charleston, SC say anything about your abilities or levels of expertise?

Probably not. One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it allows people to live where they want to. We came to SC from NY via California. Charleston is a great place to live, especially for people whose jobs are mobile.

The more important issue really revolves around depth of experience that leads to expertise. When it comes to websites, we'll stand with anyone anywhere when talking to small, entrepreneurial businesses. We've also had enough web experience with medium-sized companies to know that there are certain roles we can play effectively.

Is it true that website content must change? If so, how often?

Website Content must evolve just as your business evolves. If you're a retailer, you must periodically change your store window, keeping the merchandize fresh so customers have a reason to come back. The same is true online. If web success is about building online relationships, then you'll need to get visitors back to your site on a regular basis in order to build that relationship. Would you come back frequently if nothing ever changed?

As for how often you need to change it, that's more problematic. Our rule of thumb is to add or freshen content as your business requires or at least every six weeks, whichever comes first. Just like human visitors, search engine spiders return to your site, and if they don't find changes they'll move on to another site and you've missed your chance to rise in the rankings.

Should I enhance the functionality of my website? If so, how?

Website functionality can refer to either the "front end" or "back end" of your site. The front end is the part your visitor sees. Front end functionality might include anything from a shopping cart to a formmail. Enhancing front end functionality really depends on your site's objectives. Obviously, if you're selling something online you need functionality to handle that. If you're collecting email addresses for a newsletter or marketing information for future campaigns, you have a couple of ways to go. Learn more about website functionality.

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