Frequently Asked Questions

Beyond the general statement - "you can work with any type of business" - what types of industries are you most familiar with?

Real estate and tourism are two. We have done a tremendous amount of work in the real estate community, all over the country. We've worked with developers, with brokers (commercial and residential), with homebuilders and related companies (i.e. mortgage brokers). We've been involved in large projects for local real estate boards and tiny project working with individual real estate agents.

Our work in tourism has also run the gamut: tourist boards, hotels, restaurants, vacation rental agencies, resorts (large and not as large), golf courses. It's no coincidence that travel and real estate are major areas for us. Not only are both key industries where we live but both are industries that depend on having successful web marketing programs.

Does the fact that you are located in Charleston, SC say anything about your abilities or levels of expertise?

Probably not. One of the greatest things about the Internet is that it allows people to live where they want to. We came to SC from NY via California. Charleston is a great place to live, especially for people whose jobs are mobile.

The more important issue really revolves around depth of experience that leads to expertise. When it comes to websites, we'll stand with anyone anywhere when talking to small, entrepreneurial businesses. We've also had enough web experience with medium-sized companies to know that there are certain roles we can play effectively.

What type of clients would benefit most from your web development service?

Clients who understand the importance of a successful website to their overall business and who realize they have the neither the time nor the expertise to do the job themselves. Though we have dealt with clients of all shapes, sizes and industries, we are most at home with small businesses and start ups. We also have a wealth of experience with non-profits and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

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