Our Website Management Process

Just Imagine offers a special type of website content management for those website owners who are committed to achieving online success. We call this service Pro-Active website management.

To make a website meet its objectives requires knowledge, talent, experience and time. Being Pro-Active means not waiting for you to call with a change. It means knowing enough about your business to be on the offensive - creating new content, reaching out to you and your staff for any news to report and watching the traffic stats for any clues to follow. Being Pro-Active also means having the time to do all of the above.

Step by Step Website Management

Our management service has been refined from years of being Pro-Active with a few clients, more years of providing a "reactive" service for scores of clients and still more years teaching clients to manage their own websites. With all of this experience, we have distilled our system down to the following steps:

  • Set firm, realistic objectives for the website - one of which should be a return on investment timetable.
  • Evaluate the current site based on the above objectives and prepare a baseline report with available statistics.
  • Establish a budget and a timeframe for spending the money.
  • Formulate a specific plan for obtaining information and an approval process for changes/additions made.
  • Prepare the website for success.
  • Begin monthly activity and performance reports.
  • Begin quarterly evaluation-to-goals reports.
  • Begin annual expectation-results report and next year budget.

It Takes a Village to Run a Website

The key to any business relationship lies with establishing realistic expectations for both parties. With our years of business experience, we can attest to the importance of you knowing exactly what we can and will do. We also understand your need to know that we are doing what you expect without having to look over our shoulders while we're doing it. Likewise, we know that we also have expectations of you, which are just as critical to the relationship's success.

We use a team approach to website management. Team members will include:

  • Our project leader - though we are all involved in one way or another in every project, we assign a principal to each one as the project leader.
  • Your contact person - while many of your staff members may be involved in providing information, one person should be identified as primary contact.
  • Reachable staff - these are your staff members who can be contacted by us for specific purposes.
  • Financial decision maker - the person who will ultimately approve any budgetary request and who will review quarerly and annual reports.

We Don't Wait for You

The key to Pro-Active website management is planned action. We don't wait for you to contact us with a change. We contact you. We make changes. We do what it takes, legally and ethically, to achieve our mutual goals. If we do what we say we can, our fee is an investment in your business' immediate future.

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