Mobile Website Design


What is a Mobile Website?

A mobile website is a site specifically designed and formatted for the small monitor of a smart phone. Typically these sites will have large buttons for ease of "thumb use" and other buttons that actually initiate a phone call or a map interface.

How does it work?

When you activate a browser in a smart phone it makes itself known to the Internet. When a website is accessed that has a mobile version ( your browser knows to choose it instead of your regular website (

Do you need a mobile website?

It really depends on your business and your clientele. For instance, every restaurant probably needs a mobile site. Why? Because people are searching for restaurants on their phones. Same would be true for most retail establishments, businesses that cater to a younger clientele (under 40) and businesses in the real estate and tourism industries.

How much does a mobile website cost? If you already have a website, the odds are we can convert it to a mobile format for prices starting at $250. Obviously the larger and more complex the site, the more likely its mobile version will need content and navigation tweaking. If you don't have a site, a mobile site can be built from scratch or in conjunction with a regular website.

How long does it take

In most cases no more than a day.

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