Website Help

  • Who do you contact when your website needs to be updated and you can't locate the designer?
  • Where do you turn when your current web company is unresponsive?
  • How do you locate a responsible and knowledgeable person who is willing to take on a very small project?
  • What do you do when your boss makes you responsible for doing something you know nothing about, like building a website?
  • Who can you call when you need something about a website explained to you in plain English?

Internet Helplessness

If you've ever found yourself in the position of being responsible for something you know very little about and the outside "experts" you turn to make you feel even less confident, you have experienced something we call Website Dysphoria.

Sypmtoms start with a perfectly normal anxious feeling, not unlike what you may have felt on the first day of school each year or day 1 of a new job. You're about to learn something new. Anxiety, however, turns to a sense of forboding after speaking with a couple of web developers. Someone in the office suggested you call a friend of a friend, so you did, and you also wisely contacted a local firm you found online. The sinking feeling in your stomach comes from hearing two totally different pitches for what you thought was a pretty minor piece of business.

Objective: Find someone who can make some changes to the company's website.

It seems that whoever had built the company's website either had disappeared or was no longer willing or able to provide basic management services. So you're job was to locate someone who could bring the site up to date. No big deal, right? Maybe, but the first two people you spoke to made you feel otherwise. The first guy, the friend of a friend, was nice enough but he asked a bunch of questions in rapid fire (who designed it? where is it hosted? what technology was used to design it?) that you certainly didn't know the answers to. You said you'd find out and call him back. Then you called the web design firm. The person you spoke with there actually brought up the website while you spoke (promising?), and then proceeded to tell you everything that was wrong with it. Not only did you find this off-putting, but his tone and language couldn't help but put you on the defensive. Again, you promised to find the answers to some questions you really didn't understand, then hung up the phone. Anxiety became foreboding.

Can't anyone just help me with my website?

Foreboding soon turns to frustration when the friend of a friend says that he can't make the changes because the website was built using something he called a "WYSIWYG" (you made him spell it) and he didn't use that particular one. You then called the web design firm and they told you that the only proper solution was to build a new website. Now you were either faced with telling your boss you couldn't get the changes made or selling him on building a whole new one. Now the anxiety, which had become a sense of forboding, was turning into frustration with more than a tinge of anger!

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