Managing Websites to Meet Objectives

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Website Managers have been around as long as the Web itself. In fact, in the beginning website management was a "must have" service because only a very few people understood HTML. Back then, if you wanted to make a change to your website, you had to pay someone to do it. Times have changed. Technology has advanced. But website management is more critical then ever.

Pro-Active Website Management

Pro-Active website management is our specialty. We have honed these skills and developed our approach over many years of trial and error. We've learned in the trenches managing non-profit sites, often pro-bono. Arguably the most time intensive to work with, for management and other reasons, non-profits have a need and understanding of the Internet that most commercial enterprises lack. They also have content opportunities that are difficult to find in the small business field. So when we say that our Pro-Active system is field tested, we're not kidding.

Pro-Active Website Management Makes the Difference

  • Make website changes and additions based on competitive need.
  • Reach out for reciprocal link opportunities.
  • Encourage and solicit repeat visitors.
  • Manage message boards and other interactive features.
  • Respond promptly to all visitor inquiries.
  • Report visitor activity trends.

This is what it means to manage Pro-Actively!

Reactive Website Management does NOT cut it in today's competitive web marketplace

If you are managing your own website or paying someone to standby and wait for you to call in a change the odds are you're finding it difficult to keep up. Not only is your business changing fast, your website technology and Internet technology in general are changing even faster. Standing still is not an option and treading water is merely postponing the inevitable. Your website needs more time and expertise than you can probably give it.

  • If your site, particularly your home page, isn't changing frequently, you're sinking in the search engines.
  • If your site isn't growing at least as fast as your business, website visitors have no reason to return.
  • If you're not reaching out to customers and prospective customers alike, your competition is.
  • If you're not keeping up with your site's activity, you're not giving it a chance to succeed.
  • If you're letting your story get out of date, you're telling your visitors that you don't care about their business.
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