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Marketing your website begins at the point of its conception. Internet Marketing is NOT some specialized task performed after the fact. Rather, in order to have your website seen by qualified visitors, the groundwork must be laid from the outset. It simply doesn't make sense to write all your content, for instance, THEN pick out keywords that people might use to find you. Simply put, the content of your site is what people are looking for, thus its the content of the site that is shaped to be found as it is created.

Your website must meet your needs and the needs of your customer. This is done primarily with content. Whether your goal is to generate new business or to improve communications with existing customers, we start with content - what it says, how it's illustrated, how it flows and how it allows your visitor to interact.

Your Internet Marketing Strategy

If you are like most companies (say 90% of them) your web strategy, if you have one, exists independent of your other marketing efforts. In fact, most small businesses don't integrate their various marketing tactics into a marketing strategy period.

Assuming you have a meaningful website (useful and changing content, a focused message, necessary interactivity all designed to reach a goal), marketing that website needs to be an integral part of everything you do. Your web and email addresses need to be on your business cards, brochures and in your advertising. Your website should likewise call attention to your promotional efforts in other venues (traditional advertising, press releases, etc.). In addition to using tactics distinct to the web (SEO, CPC, etc.) you need to fashion a wholistic approach to all your marketing efforts. If you treat your website as a different animal entirely, it will either die of neglect or canibalize your other marketing efforts.

What Just Imagine has to offer

We want to become an integral part of your Internet marketing team. Just Imagine will partner with you in creating a plan to achieve your website's potential. We will define specific objectives that must be accomplished. We will establish programs to implement them according to a very specific timetable and then we will track and analyze the results of our efforts. Finally, we will make further recommendations to enhance our program.

As part of your Internet marketing team we will also monitor and maintain each step of your program from start to finish and will be Pro-Active and fully accountable at each step along the way.

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