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There's no excuse not to incorporate video into your website, especially if you already have produced and edited footage. The cost of entry is very low.

Over the years we have produced several award winning documentaries (see below) and written and produced quite a few commercial videos and TV advertisements. Today we focus our video efforts in much the same way as we do our copywriting, as content for websites.

Website Video Content

Today the process of adding video to your website is incredibly easy. You start with a video file of some kind. You convert it to the Flash video format (.flv), you upload it to the server, embed the necessary code on your page and here's what you've got.

This is a client's video and it took about 5 minutes to add to his website - most of that time was uploading. Today we use 3rd party video hosting services that store and serve your video as if it were on your own web server. Cost is a few dollars a month. For us, it's just a matter of uploading your video in the flv format and copying the code the video host provides. This code includes the Flash player to make it all work.

If your video hasn't already been converted to Flash, we do that first. Again, it only takes a matter of minutes.

First you have to shoot it

Of course, if you don't have a video to place on your site matters get a little more complicated and expensive. But how much so?

Take a look at what a client was able to do with a cellphone and the gumption to just do it!

That's right. All of the video clips above were taken with a cellphone. Now get this: this video was broadcast live on the Internet. Not only did he capture the video with his cellphone, he used the phone to upload it to a 3rd party video server so he was live on the Internet (with a few seconds time delay).

If this can be done with a fancy cellphone, think of what you can do with digital camera. For instance:

  • How about a video "About Us"?
  • A step by step process video of a product or service?
  • A mood video of your establishment?

You get the idea. We're not suggesting you skimp on text and just add video, but why not make your website multimedia? What's the old sales adage? First you tell them...then you show them...then you show them and tell them at the same time.

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