Maintaining Your Website

Keeping your website up to date and accurage is every bit as important as its original construction. True? Just ask yourself about the impression you draw from a website that has either dated content or too many spelling and grammatical errors.

Website Maintenance

Once a website is launched it must be improved. An evolving site is an effective site. No different than your business, which changes based on the marketplace. Website need to grow to reflect those changes. Like a restaurant that has old menu posted online, or a service provider who's hours have changed but not his website, an inaccurate website loses credibility.

Common sense? Of course. But how many of us neglect our websites? We put out new phone number on our business cards but forget to change it on our contact us page. The effect of such head scratching forgetfulness is obviously lost business over time. It also makes the visitor doubt you as business person, and who knows what this kind of lost confidence can have cumulatively?

Typos and Other Deficiencies

We've built many many websites over the years. But there probably aren't more than 20% that went live in perfect condition. Web content, especially with big websites, is too fluid not to need occasional correcting. We miss typos. The owner wants to make an additional point. Or we need to make some content modifications once we see how Google has indexed a page.

All of this work comes under the heading website maintenance. And it is a part of our service we believe passionately in. Our policy is to try to make critical changes and additions to a client's website on a same day basis.

One of the reasons we place a premium on speed is that once a website owner spots an error it becomes a big deal. Say there's a minor typo on the home page (knowledge is spelled without the "k") - once the site's owner notices it, that's all she sees when she looks at the page. She worries that her clients will think she doesn't know how to spell or that she's careless. It doesn't matter whether anyone else ever notices the typo, the fact that our client is losing confidence in one of her main marketing tools is concern enough for us.

As self-evident as this policy is, it never ceases to amaze me just how many or our competitors drop the maintenance ball once a website has been launched. I don't have a reason, but I'm certainly glad that it happens as frequently as it does.

So if you're having response time issues with your web designer over web issues minor or major drop us a line. We love maintenance work.

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